Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Beginning

I've started these before. I know I have. Several years ago, I got the bright idea to start a blog....and here I am, as usual, wishing I'd stuck with it, imagining what I'd have now. Typical. That's part of the reason my blog is titled the way it is, for I am full of ideas and never seem to find...or make...the time to actually act on all my ideas, and then I beat myself up for not doing them. I'm already not making sense.

So today, as I sit at my computer counter in my almost completed rennovated kitchen, I decided to get back to planning meals for the week. Another idea I've tried before but always stop. I typed in "menu planning" completely unaware that it would open the door to a million blogs and a million stories of wives and mothers who are doing the things I should be doing, thus creating some more self-loathing. I'm really not quite that bad. I mostly found it inspiring...but you see what I'm doing. Instead of actually making the menu for the week, I started a blog in which I can post my menu for the week, if I should actually get around to making it.

So back to the kitchen. My little family and I have a small and quite modest home...let's be's a double wide trailer...that I purchased several years ago as a young single teacher. My life has changed dramatically in the past 8 years, however, meeting my husband, marrying him, and having two girly-girl girls to fill up every ounce of living space available. My husband and I both teach, so of course we're far from financially wealthy, and so we stay here (partly because of money, partly because we can't agree on a new place, and partly because I'm next to my sister and don't want to move). Staying then requires some updates and fixins that my husband is quite capable of doing but not exactly thrilled about doing.

We had a shower problem that had to be fixed. Then I got fabulous cabinets in the laundry room so I won't have to just pile everything on the floor. That led to a new floor covering in the small laundry room off the kitchen. My husband decided to use wood laminate flooring....(he hasn't admitted it but I believe he just wanted to experiment with something he hadn't done)...and we liked the looks of it and decided to take it into the kitchen. That led to discovering a leak under the sink and new bottom cabinets. We liked that so we continued the flooring into the dining room area. Now you do all that, and can you leave the walls all drab and unappealing? No. Off to the paint store. Add a new stove and dishwasher, and my little kitchen/dining room area will be spectacular. Spectacular is a rather relative word since I'm sure many people wouldn't agree, but I'm a simple girl who is easily content, and so I will be satisfied.....WHEN IT FINALLY GETS DONE. Why is it a man just can't stick with a job until it's done?

We did have some setbacks, well, one setback called a stupid plain white countertop that for some reason was the hardest thing to come by. You'd think I'd ordered specialty marble from some obscure coast off Thailand, but no. Plain. White. It took three weeks and three separate orders/cancellations to finally get the darned thing.

I haven't been able to cook anything other than pre-packaged foods, and lately I've been boycotting that even and insisting we eat out. Not financially sound but gets the husband a little more motivated. I know. That's awful.

I guess I'd better get back to menu planning.

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