Monday, September 29, 2008

Six Flags and Other Fun Stuff

Saturday we took the girls, the twins, and Maggie to Six Flags. The girls had a fabulous time, and I'm happy to report that they were perfectly behaved. They stayed with us, they listened, and there was NO WHINING! That was the best part. I think I might be willing to pay for the trip every Saturday if it meant a day of no whining. Wow.

The girls had no fear. They wanted to ride everything. They didn't ride the roller coasters, but they would have if I'd let them and/or were tall enough. They laughed and hooted on a Tweety Bird thing that took them up in the air and dropped them. They loved the log flume and Thunder River.

The week before we went to Old Greenville Days. It wasn't much for Terry and me to see, but the girls were thrilled with the playground equipment. I met a woman who makes bows. She is sort of my competition right now. She is improving (I saw some of them a few months ago) but I'm still currently better. :) Hopefully she won't take all my business at the fall festival.

Speaking of which, Kathy and I are in a fall festival in Van Buren on Saturday. I hope to do well and am excited about getting ready for it. Overwhelmed...but excited, too.