Monday, August 11, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Grrr...haven't been writing in this at all, but here's my menu!

breakfast: cereal
lunch: sandwiches (chicken)
supper: vegetable beef soup, corn bread, fruit

breakfast: oatmeal or waffles
lunch: leftover soup
supper: girls' gymnastics in PB

breakfast: cereal
lunch: sandwiches
supper: baked potato bar (chili, cheese, broccoli, butter)

breakfast: oatmeal or cereal
lunch: grilled cheese, chips, fruit
supper: cashew chicken, egg rolls

breakfast: cereal or waffles
lunch: fried chicken salad (lettuce, green onions, boiled eggs, cheese with chicken strips)
supper: spaghetti, corn on cob, garlic bread

breakfast: cereal
lunch: left overs
supper: Asian chicken

Saturday: shopping day, I think, so no menu plans

breakfast: biscuits, gravy
lunch: ham and cheese, broccoli, fruit


Anonymous said...

I stopped by to see your menu. I thought I would encourage you to keep up on your blog too because I really enjoy what you have so far. It sounds like your 2 girls keep you on your toes. I like the dinner/ date story. Too cute!

"J" said...

This was my 2nd week! I love it!

It really helps knowing what you are going to cook! It also saves us money in the grocery store because I make my menu up before we go shopping...this way I get what we are having and NOTHING extra!!!! Before I started this I would walk through the store at random and pick up things to cook and not follow through with it!

This weekend I'm going to try and make my menu up with sale items!!! Whatever is on sale in this weeks ad is going to be what I cook!!!! =)

Wish me luck!!!
Hope to see ya back next week!!!!